We are celebrating being a rescue for three years!!  Thanks to all of our foster homes, adopters, vets, supporters, and volunteers for making the first three years a SUCCESS!    




PAYPAL button is now on the Tshirts For Sale link on the left.

There are two styles and 9 colors to choose from in CHILD and ADULT sizes.

You can buy the tshirts at our events for $15.


** PETSMART ADOPTION EVENT, Texarkana, TX, on Saturday,  January 24, 2015 from 11:00-2:00.  



Can you please help by fostering? We do not have a facility. We are foster home based so need your help. We can only rescue Boxers with help from foster homes. We pay for the vet bills and can provide the dog food. You get the best part, making them part of your family and getting them ready for adoption. They do need to be indoor dogs and have a safe fenced in yard to run and play in.

All of our Boxers live in Foster Homes until they are adopted.

The more foster homes, the more Boxers you can help us rescue!


LEXY has been missing since 6-11-13. We continue to pray that she returns to us and that she is safe. We still get reports, but no leads have found her.  If you see this boxer, please contact us and she is microchipped and registered to us.  Her best identifying feature is that she has no tail and there is a flap of skin but no bone for the tail. Thanks!!