Thanks to all of our Foster Homes, Adopters, Donators, Supporters, Volunteers, Vets and their Staff!!  



 2022- 2023 As you know, the cost of vetting and care for our Boxers has increased.  The Boxers we rescue have had many medical and behavior issues. We have limited Foster Homes and have to match the new rescue Boxer to the right home and that can be a challenge. We have to stay within our means.  We can’t take all the Boxers that we are contacted about needing homes. We are not set up for emergencies or to take strays while trying to find the owner. We don’t have a facility or room. We do refer to other rescues that may be able to help.

 * NOTE:  We have a new page Hospice/Long Term Foster Care for the special Boxers you have been following with severe medical and/or behavior issues. They are living in their Foster Homes, which limits the space that we have for new Boxers.

Prayers needed for our Boxers. Please consider fostering, adopting or donating so they can be adopted to the forever homes they so deserve!




Can you please help by fostering? We do not have a facility. We are foster home based so need your help. We can only rescue Boxers with help from foster homes. We pay for the vet bills, crates, and can provide the dog food. You get the best part, making them part of your family and getting them ready for adoption. They do need to be indoor dogs and have a safe fenced in yard to run and play in.

All of our Boxers live in Foster Homes until they are adopted.

The more foster homes, the more Boxers you can help us rescue!