* 2020We have been working with our special needs Boxers in 3 of our 4 Foster Homes, who have been on hold for medical/behavior issues.  They were rescued 1- 4 years ago. We are responsible for these Boxers and know it affects rescuing more Boxers, as limited Foster Home Space. We are down to 4 Foster Homes. We have to stay within our means of Foster Home space and funds in order to rescue more Boxers.  Please check back with us for future Boxers up for Adoption.

5/8/20 – UPDATE: Potential Adopters are asking about the status on these Boxers. We have decided they will stay in their current Foster Homes:

*CAMPUS, 9.5 yrs old, in rescue 3.5 yrs., has been moved to Hospice Care, due to Cushing’s Disease, Hypothyroidism, and Incontinence.

*ROXY, 1.5 yrs old, in rescue 1 yr., has been moved to Long Term Foster Care, due to behavioral issues.

*YODA, 4 years old, in rescue 2 yrs., has been moved to Long Term Foster Care, due to severe separation anxiety.