Many ask how these Boxers are doing and we needed a page to show they are still in our rescue. They have severe medical and/or behaviors issues or need more training time before adoption. They will continue to live in their Foster Homes, as long as needed. If their problem improves, they may be adopted at a later time. This does take up most of our Foster Home space but we took on these Boxers and are responsible for all of their expenses that includes food, medications, supplements, training, vetting expenses, etc..

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YODA, 5 yrs old, in rescue 3 yrs, LONG TERM FOSTER CARE, due to IBD and very severe separation anxiety. Love him!
ROXY, 2.5 yrs old, in rescue 2 yrs., LONG TERM FOSTER CARE, due to behavior issues with biting. She is a SWEETHEART!
CORNBREAD, 1.5 yrs old, ON HOLD, as working on issues with fear aggression and possible ACL/hip issue. He is a Lovebug!