Have you picked out one of our Adoptable Boxers that you feel will be a great fit for your family? You will need to meet all the Requirements and the needs of the Boxer to be considered for a match. 

DO NOT COMPLETE THE ADOPTION APPLICATION IF YOU DO NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS.  Email us at BoxerRescueofTexarkana@gmail.com if there is a question or special situation so we can assess.


1. All applicants must be at least 21 years old in order to be considered for adopting.

2. Fenced in yard that is safe for a Boxer and has room to run and play.  This includes no holes at the bottom of the fence or around the gate that a dog could get out of.  Minimum of 4 feet high in great shape. No underground invisible fences, no pet containment systems, and no barbed wire fencing.  Some Boxers require 5 feet high or 6 ft privacy fence. 

3. Boxers are indoor dogs.  They are short-nosed and do not tolerate heat and cold well. They are very social and all about being with their humans and 4 legged buddies.

4.  ALL of your pets need to be spayed/neutered, up to date on ALL vaccinations and rabies, annual vet exam, fecal test, heartworm test and on heartworm prevention. We do call the Vet and require that there is an excellent Vet history on your current and past pets. This means monthly heartworm prevention or the 6 or 12 months injectable ProHeart. Heartworm prevention is very important. We feel that if you are taking care of your family pets, that you will take good care of the newly adopted rescue boxer. We do not approve with outdoor dogs.

5. Our Boxers are not appropriate for kids under age 6. We are cautious due to energy level and needs. Some Boxers require much older kids or no kids.

6. Many of our Boxers are not good with cats. Even if they pass the cat test, we do not guarantee that the Boxer will not harm your cat. Same for tiny to small dogs.

7. Our Foster Homes are involved in this process to find the right home for their foster Boxer.

8. We have the right to deny any application.  We will deny if there is false information on the application.

ADOPTION FEES as of  December 1, 2021: 

Purebred- 8 wks – 11 months: $300.00 
Purebred- 1 -2 years of age:   $275.00
Purebred- 3 – 4 years of age:   $250.00
Purebred- 5 -6 years of age:     $225.00
Purebred –  7 years  & older:   $200.00

Boxer Mix- 8 wks to 5 years old: $175.00
6 years & older:   $100.00


*Note on Boxer Mixes: We do not rescue Boxer Mixes as not enough foster homes and funds. However, sometimes we get a rescue in and after evaluation and consult with the Vet, we decide it is a Boxer Mix. We can get a pregnant Boxer in and the puppies are Boxer Mixes.

*Our Boxers are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and rabies, microchipped, fecal and heartworm tested and treated and on heartworm prevention. They live indoors in a foster home until they are adopted. They are evaluated and trained to get them ready for adoption.

**We adopt in AR, LA, TX and OK.  If you do not live in the Texarkana area, we can usually find a rescue contact to do the home visit. Most of our adoptions are not in the Texarkana area.  In fact, 10% of our adoptions are in Texarkana.  Our Foster Homes are in Texarkana, Cabot, Hot Springs, and El Dorado.

*We will check vet and personal references and do a home visit to make sure the boxer is the right match for the boxer and your family. Many of our dogs have been through a lot of unhappy times and we want to make sure they have a safe and happy forever home.  Our boxers are indoor dogs and need a safe fenced in area.

*We do not arrange a meet and greets with a Boxer until your Adoption Application is approved and you are chosen to adopt.  Very hard to meet a rescue Boxer and then not be the Adopter.

* *NOTE on the application which Vet your current pets go to or have gone to for the Vet check. You can note what Vet you will use for the new rescue if that is going to be a different Vet.

* Adoption Contract does state that you can return the Boxer within 7 days and get your money refunded if the Boxer doesn’t work out.  

**Click here for the ONLINE ADOPTION APPLICATION   ** Make sure to click on ‘SUBMIT’ button when you have answered all questions.  If you have any problems, please email us at:  BoxerRescueofTexarkana@gmail.com.

Thank you for wanting to make one of our rescue Boxers a member of your family!