Every day Boxer Rescue of Texarkana receives pleas from shelters across Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. Not only do we receive pleas from shelters, we also receive pleas from good Samaritans far and wide in hopes that we can assist them with chained Boxers, dumped Boxers, and even their own Boxers in hopes that we can successfully place them in to safe homes.

Boxer Rescue of Texarkana is a foster based rescue. Unless we receive more foster homes to assist us in the placement of many of these needy dogs, we are unable to take in more. The more foster homes we have the more Boxers we can save! Fostering is a fun and rewarding experience. Not only to you get to aid in the development of these Boxers but you get to give them the love, attention, and care they have never received.

All you need is to open your heart and mind to taking in one of these dogs for a period of time. The period of time could range from weeks to months to years. Boxer Rescue of Texarkana covers all of the vetting expenses for these wonderful Boxers and in return you feed them, bathe them, and love on them daily.  We can provide the collar, leash and crate if you need one.

We currently have FOSTER HOMES in Texarkana, AR/TX and in AR- Cabot, El Dorado, and Hot Springs. We also have Vets in these areas that we work with. Foster Homes would need to be able to get to one of these Vets.


1. Fenced in yard that is safe for a Boxer and have room to run and play. Minimum of 4 feet high fence in great shape. No underground invisible fences, no pet containment systems, and no barbed wire fencing. Some Boxers will need 5 ft or privacy fence to keep them safe.

2. Boxers are indoor dogs. They do not tolerate heat and cold well.

3. We do require that ALL OF YOUR PETS are all spayed/neutered, up to date on shot and rabies, annual vet exam and on monthly heartworm prevention. We feel that if you are taking care of your family pets, that you will take good care of the foster Boxer.

4. Many of our Boxers are not appropriate for kids under age 6, so this will be addressed with each Boxer.

5. Many of our Boxers are not good with cats. Even if they pass the cat test, we do not guarantee that the Boxer will not harm your cat.

6. We are cautious with tiny to small dogs in a foster home due to size and many being fragile.

7. We have the right to deny any application.

CLICK HERE FORONLINE FOSTER APPLICATION   ** Just open the webpage and type in your responses. Once you are done, click the ‘submit’ button at the bottom of the page to send the document to us.  If you can’t open it or have any problems, PLEASE email us at boxerrescueoftexarkana@gmail.com and we will email you the application.


You may still download the application to your computer, complete it, and then email to us or send in the mail. Remember, that if you submit a paper application that email is faster than regular mail!!

DOWNLOAD FOSTER APPLICATION   ** Some are having problems opening this app while others can open.  It is a WORD document.  If you can’t open it or have any problems, PLEASE email us at address below and we will email you the application.

Once you have filled out and completed the foster application, please send it to BoxerRescueofTexarkana@gmail.com and a member will get back to as soon as possible.  We will check your vet and personal references and set up a home visit with you.

Thank you for your interest in fostering a rescue Boxer!! We will send a confirmation email that we received your application.